kmle 2017 camryroadtrip finalists 720 KMLE Camry Road Trip   WIN A BOLD NEW 2018 TOYOTA CAMRY!

It was an INCREDIBLE Friday the 13th for 20 finalists that lined up to for a chance to go on the KMLE Camry Road Trip with Jared Marshall!  The goal was to find the 3 USB Drives with the winning message out of the 20!  It started out with the first TWO contestants both drawing winning USB drives with the message that they were Jared.  After a NAIL BITING cycle of contestant after contestant trying and failing to find the third winning drive, it ended up being the 20th drive that gave us our third winner.

kmle 2017 camryroadtrip 720 KMLE Camry Road Trip   WIN A BOLD NEW 2018 TOYOTA CAMRY!

Corey, Cyndi and Leesa joined Jared for a roof top champagne toast on the 13th floor at the Hilton Garden Inn Downtown to prepare for their first destination, the Arizona State Fair!


The competition got fierce between our winners as they went head to head to head in games at the fair and won a small zoo of stuffed animals, we sampled some of the fried goods and then rode a few rides.  Cyndi and Corey were the daredevils and hopped on the insane MACH 1 ride while the rest of  us went on the much tamer but brand new La Grande XL.


Saturday Morning we hopped on the interstate and zipped over to the Wild Life World Zoo where we spent time learning about Sea Lions and hung out with Crockett the five year old sea lion.  We got to ride on the zip line, and enjoy the exotic animals through out the park.


After a quick stop at Taco Bell to pick up some lunch we zoomed to the other size of town to swim with the dolphins at Dolphinaris.


In a private session, Leesa, Corey and Cyndi all got to dance with the Sonny the Dolphin that was working with our group, however Jared didn’t get as much love.


So how do you wrap up a day of running around town visiting a bunch of animals?  Zombie hunting of course!  It was time to load up the Camry and clear out the south east valley from a horrible infection that need to be contained at Schnepf Farms.  All three winners got the VIP treatment, food, fun and paintball guns!  We loaded up into our private escort vehicle loaded with speakers and gun mounts and we driven through the orchid were it was our job to eradicate as many zombies we could.


After a couple rounds of zombie killing it was time for us to eliminate one of winners and unfortunately Leesa our 20th finalist’s ping pong ball was left in the bucket and out of the car.  But Leesa was a great sport, hugged her fellow winners and hopped into a Lyft that we hooked up for her trip home.


We checked into our final resting spot Mountain Shadows, had a few adult beverages and then called it a night!  Post rest we got up, enjoyed an amazing breakfast at Hearth 61 in Mountain Shadows and then it was time to start the journey again.  This time to iFly for some indoor skydiving.


While Corey has experience jumping out of a perfectly good airplane, this was a first for Cyndi and Jared.  After a quick training session they were off and flying, literally!  With the aid of an iFly trainer they all took to the air, spinning and floating in the huge glass tube that has to be experienced.

kmle 2017 camryroadtrip ifly 720 KMLE Camry Road Trip   WIN A BOLD NEW 2018 TOYOTA CAMRY!

After our session at iFly it was time to get back on KMLE Camry Road trip as we journeyed onto Main Event, but first a little stop for food at Taco Bell!  Tacos, Burritos and Quesadillas for everyone.

kmle 2017 camryroadtrip tacbobell 720 KMLE Camry Road Trip   WIN A BOLD NEW 2018 TOYOTA CAMRY!

At Main Event the competition once again got fierce as we took to the lanes for a bowl off where Corey trounced both Cyndi and Jared.  Of course while we were bowling there was snacking of the yummy appetizers thanks to the fine folks at Main Event.  Once we finished knocking down pins it was time to go head to head in laser tag.  Red vs Blue it wasn’t even a competition with the Blue team just picking off members from the Red Team.

Now it was time, as much as we wanted both Corey and Cyndi to be able to drive away in the brand new 2018 Toyota Camry, it came down to the final elimination.  We drew the ping pong ball of who was going to stay in the car.  And that ball ended up being Corey’s!


Thank you so much to Corey, Cyndi, and Leesa for joining us on this incredible journey, we hope you all had as much fun as we did!  And special thanks to Toyota as well as all the different stops that hosted us along the way!

If you want ANOTHER chance at winning your very own 2018 Toyota Camry tune-into the NEW 94.5 KOOL-FM.  Maria will be doing her own road trip click here for details!


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