Brantley Gilbert Talks Being Engaged, Overcoming Addiction, Keith Urban and New Single

KMLE LIVE Q&A with Brantley Gilbert (Lindsay Crnkovich) (24)

Brantley Gilbert came into the KMLE studio today for a KMLE LIVE Q&A with Steve and Nina from the morning show. This KMLE LIVE was a little different because Brantley opened up on a few different topics such as overcoming his addictions, his new engagement to longtime girlfriend Amber Cochran and also his new single “One Hell Of An Amen”.

Addiction is something Brantley is recently free from with his strong will, help of Keith Urban and lovely fiancé. When Brantley was going through detox he had a surprise visit at the hospital from Keith Urban who stopped by to talk to him and share stories. Brantley had some internal issues about returning to his everyday activities after detox because he did not know what was going to happen after being sober, but Keith and others around him inspired a changed new life. A better life especially with his music success. Still, he said he was worried if people would look at him different when he sang songs because he did not drink anymore.

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“I had fears about comin’ back to my living, my career, because I didn’t know if I could write, I didn’t know if I could go on stage, if it was going to be awkward.” He also mentioned after the fact that it felt like a million pounds had been lifted off of his shoulders coming back sober.

The country singer opened up about his recent engagement to fiancé Amber Cochran. The couple met when he was back home working. Brantley shared a story on how the pair met. “10 years ago I was working on some community service hours at a church that my cousin was helping with, the youth group.” “She walked in one night and I just kinda knew something was up. Five years we were on and off mostly on, due to my inconsistent behavior. I was a train wreck. She has really made a difference in his life as he said she is a really good girl.” After he had been sober, on June 15th his cousin sent him a message to meet with Amber.

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Brantley Gilbert has a new video out for his latest single “One Hell Of An Amen” which really is about anyone who has suffered loss. Anyone who listens to this song can definitely relate said the country star, “the song’s not meant to be sad, it’s a way to look on a situation, like loss, it really tags all of us.” Brantley talked about the song giving opportunity to look at it with pride. He is very honest in his music and talks about personal experiences and feelings, what has happened to him. All of this means a lot to his fans and followers, he also mentioned a fan reaching out to him with a long email about her loss and her father being a “warrior.” You can watch the video below.

Steve and Nina play ‘Never Have I Ever’! Guess who wins before you watch the video.

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