KMLE LIVE Performance by Craig Wayne Boyd

Performance: Friday, 2:10 pm on the KMLE Desert Diamond West Valley Stage

Craig Wayne Boyd is just getting started. Sure, he’s already drawn a large and loyal following. Thousands thrilled to his victory in Season 7 of The Voice. That right there is more than most performers could even dream of. With the upcoming October 27th release of his new album, Top Shelf, Boyd goes way beyond that platform to a place that even his fans might not have anticipated.

Confident delivery, upbeat personality, deep country soul, and easy charisma – this is all still there. Top Shelf is a musical kaleidoscope -a whirl of celebration, heartbreak, the sweet pain of love, and the comfort of faith’s embrace. Boyd’s new music is revealed on the lead single,“Stuck In My Head,” catchy, head-bopping song that cleverly lives up to its title. Boyd’s singing voice, playing, and easy musical versatility made him a fan favorite, and eventual overall winner on the show.

Only by keeping their standards high were they able to come up with a match of material and artist that distinguishes Top Shelf from so many other releases. Once he’d confirmed the final song lineup, Boyd realized that for all its variety, there was one trait that unified it —happiness. As he describes it, “the happiness I’ve found with my family, with meeting my wife Taylor and having kids. This kind of surprised me because, honestly, it’s hard to write about being happy. I would rather live it than write about it.”

Top Shelf contains thirteen tracks penned by notable songwriters such as Victoria Shaw (Garth Brooks, John Michael Montgomery) and Anthony Smith (George Strait, Tim McGraw). Boyd’s songwriting is showcased on his co-penned “Better Together.” Whether you’re discovering him now or already on board, Top Shelf marks the real start of a trek toward beckoning horizons. He will never stop exploring and adventuring. This journey will be —already is —worth it on its own!

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