What Celebrity Would You Like To Go On Vacation With?? [RESULTS]

In a recent Hotels.com survey, they asked people who they would most like to vacation with and the results are in!!

Tom Hanks and Jennifer Aniston were the most common celebrity names and they would love to spend time with them in New York City.

Hotels.com found that 24% of people named Aniston as their top female celeb companion of choice followed by Ellen DeGeneres (23%), Celine Dion (16%), Angelina Jolie (15%) and Rachel McAdams (13%). On the male side, Hanks pulled 29% of the vote, followed by George Clooney at 19%, Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt at 17% and Leonardo DiCaprio at 16%.

People were also asked where they’d like to go with their celebrity, 24% said New York City, followed by Paris (21%), London (20%), the Caribbean (18%) and then – Dubai (17%).

How about their LEAST popular celebrity… President Donald Trump (56%), “any of The Kardashians,” (29%) while 25% named Kanye West and 22% chose Hillary Clinton.

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