The drummer-turned singer/guitarist says he's glad that people will finally be hearing some more of his songs now that his "Fight Like Hell" EP is out.

By Brian Ives 

For a few months now, Tucker Beathard has been on country radio thanks to his song “Rock On.” But now, with the release of his debut EP, Fight Like Hell, he’s happy that some of his other songs are out there.

“It’s kind of like a weight off my shoulders,” he tells “To finally get some more stuff out. I’ve had these songs for so long and I’ve been dying to have more people hear them, and see more of who I am as an artist. It’s only six songs, but that’s a lot better than just one. I’ve been fired up for a long time.”

Still, having played around the country opening for Dierks Bentley, Eric Church, Miranda Lambert and Keith Urban, he enjoyed the audiences response’s to his big hit. “It’s been fun playing it live, because people know it and they sing it.”

He notes that the song, which he wrote two years ago when he was 19, isn’t autobiographical.  He hasn’t yet met the woman who he’s wanted to put a “rock on.”

“You meet girls here and there and keep in touch with them, and if I wasn’t doing what I was doing, I could be a normal boyfriend maybe…” he trails off.

Beathard has an interesting story: the son of Nashville songwriter Casey Beathard, he was originally a drummer in a band with his brothers. But eventually, he came out from behind the kit. “I love the drums, I’m so picky about it, so I still play drums on my recordings. When I was 14 or 15 I started having some internal battles… I’m not good at expressing myself, or talking. So I started picking up the guitar.  I let out my emotions through guitar. It felt like the best therapy, it was really my only way of expressing anything. I felt like I found my identity through that. When I was 15 I played and performed and sang on stage outside of the drums, I sang one of my songs at some bar, and from that moment on, I never looked back.”

But he says that since he is an untrained guitarist, it gives him a unique style: “In my mind, I play drums on the guitar. I don’t know any music theory, I just kind of taught myself how to play, and it turned into a unique way of playing.”

He says he isn’t really interested in learning to play the “correct” way: “To this day, I won’t take lessons. I thought, ‘I probably should learn some theory.’ But then I thought, ‘I don’t want to do that, because if you learn outside the box, why would you want to be inside the box?'”

Tucker Beathard is currently on the road: check out his dates at Eventful.



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