Woman bravely fights off intruder using THIS??

Even though the pig is dead, it can still make you squeal if you aren’t careful.

The following story is short, but it’s got some meat to it.

According to the Greater Manchester PDs Facebook page. A would be mugger in Greater Manchester, England learned that this past Tuesday when, while attempting to mug an 86-year-old woman, found herself on the receiving end of a bacon beat down when her target repeatedly beat her over the head with a package of the famous cured breakfast meat. Looks like all the internet in-jokes have some basis in fact, bacon can do anything.

According to the Greater Manchester PD, the woman had just hit up an ATM before her run in with the criminal, as the mugger came in demanding that money. But it ultimately turned out for the best as the mugger learned, if you do the crime, you have to pay the swine.

Thankfully for the unnamed mugger, raw is meat is pretty good at dealing with bruises. Maybe she won’t be so pig-headed next time and turn away from a life of crime.

This sort of story lets me go hog wild with puns, not sorry in the least.

Damon Smith / CBS Radio Phoenix Intern


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