What’s Trending: McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast, Tara Reid Scary Skinny and Is Brett Eldredge The Next Bachelor?

Wednesday April 1, 2015 – What’s Trending

McDonald’s Tests All-Day Breakfast:

It’s the day everyone has been waiting for… McDonalds has announced that they will be testing out the all-day breakfast idea! Normal breakfast menu items are said to continue until the normal 10:30am cut off and a limited breakfast menu, including hash browns and select breakfast sandwiches, will be testing at a few locations in San Diego before implementing the change at all locations. MORE HERE

Tara Reid Instagram Concerns Fans:

Reid, who has stared in movies American Pie and My Boss’s Daughter, posted multiple pictures on her Instagram account this past week that showcased her extremely petite body while she was in Miami for a bachelorette party. The photos of Tara in her bathing suit have many concerned about the actress’ health. MORE HERE

5 Things Guys Say When They’re Not Interested:

Ladies, if you’re trying to determine if he’s for you and you hear one of these… run away, run FAR away! Here’s the gist as told by Glamour:

1. I value your friendship too much – it’s not that he doesn’t think you’re great, he just doesn’t see anything romantic between you two.

2. Things are ramping up at work, so i’ll be super busy! – while possibly true, it’s most likely an easy excuse.

3. You deserve someone so much better than me – he’s selfish and trying to make you feel better, but don’t worry, you’re still awesome!

4. I’m having a hard time getting over my ex – again, while possibly true, tread these waters lightly until you really can tell if he’s actually interested.

5. I just don’t want anything serious right now – at least he’s being honest, so listen up!

LoCash Releases New Wine Line:

Country artists, otherwise known as LoCash Cowboys, announced that they have been working with Stonum Vineyards to release a line of wine called Shipwrecked that will consist of Sauvignon, Cabernet, Chardonnay, Zinfandel and Syrah starting for $28 each. MORE HERE

Brett Eldredge The Next Bachelor?

Eldredge, who was an avid tweeter during the Bachelor season, was nominated to be considered for The Bachelor in January by People.com. While flattered, Eldredge said touring wouldn’t really allow for that. When asked if he would go on the bachelorette, he replied, “that sounds fun.” Was he serious? We will have to wait and see! MORE HERE

Best Website April Fools Jokes:

  • Thailand announced having UberBoats. MORE HERE
  • Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko challenges Russian leader Vladimir Putin to a Judo match MORE HERE
  • Samsung releasing “GALAXY Blade Edge,” first smart knife with smart phone capabilities. MORE HERE
  • Do you remember the good ol’ days of 1999? Apparently, Amazon.com does!
  •  CERN.com says, “may the force be with you.”
  • ThinkGeek.com came up with fake Game of Thrones themed products that pop up with “April Fools” when you try to buy it!
  • Google maps knows how cool it would be to have pac-man take over your neighborhood, so they did just that.

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 8.00.43 AM



Darius Rucker Releases New Album:

Rucker’s new album, which contains his single “Homegrown honey,” was officially released yesterday!



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