Okay, let’s be honest — it feels like Facebook’s privacy setting are always changing, and without fail, they are always more confusing and complicated. If you don’t want to read through all the legalese — cuz, who has time for that — we’ve got all you need to know below!



You know when you go to share a picture on Instagram, or any other app you downloaded – it asks for permission to get at your stuff? Well I know I’ve been guilty of just saying okay so I can get on with my post/update but you should go back through and see what you’ve allowed access to your timeline – you might not even use some of those apps anymore! *If you DO want to keep using an app, app away! But you CAN make all your app activity PRIVATE if you so choose – good to know.*

To Change: Settings – > Apps -> Click on app that you wish to alter settings – > Control who sees it and what you’re sharing!


You can control, on each individual post, who can see and interact with every status, update, video, picture, check-in etc. It will default to the last privacy setting you used. You probably already knew that BUT if you click on *Public (right next to Post)¬†-> More settings -> Timeline & Tagging you can control even more! You can control if posts go directly to your timeline if a friend tags¬†something of you – OR for example, you can let everyone see what you’re tagged in EXCEPT one person, or a group of people. Super handy

To Change: When posting, click on Public -> More Settings -> Timeline & Tagging


I know it seems drastic and so permanent — but trolls are REAL and block people that are harassing you. You can also BLOCK apps & pages.

To Change: Settings -> Blocking



Don’t forget that you can change what personal information everyone sees on your page. Change your emails, phone numbers, etc.

To Change: About – > Contact & Basic Info – > Change settings on the right hand side





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