January 23, 2013 TWITTER TOPIC: Strange Emergency Room Visits

When my little brother was 6 we had to take him to 24-Hour Urgent Care because he stuck an unpopped corn kernel in his ear. Seriously. A kernel from a bag of popcorn. He is now 29 and to this day we still tease him about it. It’s what kids do, they try to see what fits where and hope for the best. I’m guilty of it too. I ate a fly when I was 2. My neighbor stuck a dime in his nose and luckily got it out before our parents found out. (Glad it wasn’t a quarter!)

Singer Greg Bates knows a little bit about strange Emergency Room Visits because he just had one. He tweeted that he had to go to the hospital for an “embarrassing” reason…. he got a Q-tip sruck in his ear! He’s fine and the Q-tip has been removed, but wow was he red in the face.

Check out the photo and tweets below.

Have YOU ever had to go to the ER or take someone because of a strange accident or mishap? Tell us at twitter.com/KMLE1079



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