Booker Tips: How to Prevent Catching the Flu!

You probably don’t realize how much you touch your face.  I just touched my face while I was saying that.  And during this particularly NASTY flu season, you really SHOULD try to pay attention.

–Apparently, a good way to keep yourself from getting the flu is to stop touching your face so much.

–The average person touches their face three times an hour.  And since you’re not washing your hands three times an hour, you may be infecting yourself with the germs on your hands without even realizing it.


When washing your hands, be sure to wash them long enough to ensure the soap is killing the germs. A good way to judge how long to wash your hands is to sing “Happy Birthday”.

Use sanitizer after touching very public things such as shopping carts, gym equipment, door handles, and of course after using the bathroom.

Be sure to consume lots of vitamins and hydrating liquids. A great way to kill 2 birds with 1 stone here, is to drink a product called Emergen-C. It is packed with tons of vitamins and immune system building nutrients.


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