–One of the best habits is to always present solutions when you tell them there’s a problem.  It makes you seem capable . . . like you’re a problem-solver, not a whiner who wants to blame someone.  Here are eight more promotion tips from real bosses.



#1.)  Challenge Them.  Don’t ARGUE with them, and don’t do it on a regular basis.  But if you disagree with something and have reasons or stats to back it up, you should let them know.  Just don’t do it in a meeting.  Do it one-on-one.



#2.)  When Something Goes Wrong, Don’t Try to Hide It.  Obviously, you don’t need to tell them about small stuff . . . like when the printer runs out of ink.



–But if it’s something you CAN’T solve on your own, tell them about it as soon as possible.  That way they know you’re on top of it, and they have as much time as possible to figure out what to do.



#3.)  Don’t Cause Drama.  And don’t perpetuate it either.  For example, if hate the person you sit next to, try to handle the problem on your own.



–If you can’t, it might look like you’re not very capable.  One employer said she tends to promote people who can, quote, “think their way out of something on their own.”



–So don’t bother your boss with office drama, unless it’s something that makes you feel unsafe or keeps you from doing your work.



#4.)  Smile.  If you look like you actually ENJOY your job, you’re more likely to get promoted.  Obviously you don’t have to smile ALL THE TIME.  Just make sure you don’t look miserable all the time either.



#5.)  Take Notes.  When you’re in a meeting, it lets them know you’re paying attention.  Plus, most bosses hate it when they have to repeat things.  It’s also good to have a notepad sitting next to you computer for when they come by your desk.



#6.)  Never Skip an Office Party.  It’s one of the best chances you have to socialize with your boss in a non-work setting.  And if they get to know you on a personal level, you have a much better chance of getting promoted.



#7.)  Don’t Act Like You DESERVE a Promotion.  Confidence is one thing.  You just don’t want to come off as arrogant.



–If you’re worried that your hard work isn’t being noticed, set up a meeting to talk about what you’ve been working on, and ask for feedback.



#8.)  Don’t Wait for Them to Tell You What to Do.  Instead, ask what else you can do to help.  Or better yet, offer to take something off their plate.





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