It’s still pretty early in December.  So we don’t feel bad making you second guess the Christmas presents you’ve already bought.



–A new survey asked men and women to name their dream gifts, AND the gifts they hate the most.  Here are the results . . . plan the rest of your shopping and frantic gift returning accordingly.



–The top five gifts women want the most:



#1.)  Designer shoes.


#2.)  A designer coat.


#3.)  A pet.


#4.)  A designer purse.


#5.)  Jewelry.



–The five gifts women DON’T want:



#1.)  Household items.


#2.)  Gift cards.


#3.)  Champagne.


#4.)  A gym membership.


#5.)  A kitchen appliance.



–The top five gifts MEN want the most:



#1.)  Season tickets to their favorite sports team, preferably football.


#2.)  An iPad.


#3.)  An expensive watch.


#4.)  A designer suit.


#5.)  Gardening equipment.



–The five gifts men DON’T want:



#1.)  A tie.


#2.)  Socks.


#3.)  A shirt.


#4.)  A book.


#5.)  Cufflinks.





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