A look back at some of your favorite show’s Thanksgiving episodes!

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Charlie Brown always delivers an entertaining and lovable episode for the holidays and this episode is no different. Peppermint Patty invites her friends as well as herself to Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving leaving Charlie and Snoopy to make one happen – fast.

Cheers – Thanksgiving Orphans

In this sitcom classic, no one but Diane has anything to do. So she suggests that they all have Thanksgiving at Carla’s, which she agrees to as long as it is potluck. They vow to make it the best Thanksgiving and through all the interruptions and unexpected guests, it ends up being one of the best ever.

Everybody Loves Raymond – No Fat

Marie attends a Senior Health Fair and realizes that she and Frank need to eat healthier. She begins to alter what they eat, which Raymond is supportive of – until she says she is not making turkey on Thanksgiving. They all end up having to sit through an entire meal of tofu turkey.

Friends – The One with All The Thanksgivings

Friends is known to always have a Thanksgiving episode. But the eighth episode of the eighth season is definitely the best. In this episode, the entire gang decides to go back in time and think about their worst Thanksgivings. In doing this, Rachel suggests she knows Monica’s worst Thanksgiving which in turn doesn’t turn out too well for Chandler.

Full House – The Miracle of Thanksgiving

In the first season of Full House, the family deals with it being the first Thanksgiving without Pam. Despite this, Danny is still determined to make it an extra special day for his daughters. When Grandma can’t make it, it becomes up to the men to make this Thanksgiving happen.

Gossip Girl – Blair Waldorf Must Pie

Gossip Girl is coming to an end and to the show’s entire fanbase, this episode definitely is memorable. Blair Waldorf always has a perfect vision for Thanksgiving – but it isn’t at all what she wanted this year. With flashbacks, awkward family dinners and the revelations of parent’s relationships, this Thanksgiving episode delivers.

How I Met Your Mother – Slapsgiving

Marshall sends a warning to Barney that the third slap to their bet will be on Thanksgiving, terrorizing him and nicknaming the holiday ‘Slapsgiving’. The night before Thanksgiving day, Robin and Ted meet to make pies for the occasion and end up sleeping together. It all unfolds the next day with the usual laughs that How I Met Your Mother delivers.

Modern Family – Punkin Chunkin **

While Phil is upset that Claire doesn’t let him fully use his creativity, Mitchell doesn’t believe Cam about his ‘punkin chunkin’ story. While Gloria isn’t letting Jay tell Manny that his Thanksgiving made centerpiece is awful, Haley and Alex get into a car accident. This family ends their day by going to a football field, trying to slingshot a pumpkin across.

Seinfeld – The Mom & Pop Store

The episode begins when George buys a convertible he believes was once owned by Jon Voight. Kramer tries to do his Thanksgiving charity by trying to save a small shoe-repair business. Elaine answers a radio quiz which lets Mr. Pitt be able to be in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. All while Jerry is trying to figure out if he’s been invited to an annual Pre-Thanksgiving party.

The Simpsons – Bart Vs. Thanksgiving

In season 2 of The Simpsons, the entire family gets mad at Bart after he fights with Lisa and her centerpiece ends up in the fireplace. He decides to run away from home where he gets into his own trouble, ends up on the evening news and sees what life is like in the bad part of town. He realizes how good things are for him and returns home to his family.

Written by Marie Lazaro



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