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Top 10 Stolen Office Supplies

According to a survey by an office supply company called Banner Business Services, two thirds of us have stolen office supplies at work.  And it costs companies $3.2 billion a year.  Here are the office supplies people steal most often:

#1.)  Post-It notes

#2.)  Tape

#3.)  Scissors

#4.)  Toilet paper  (???)

#5.)  Copier paper

#6.)  USB memory sticks

#7.)  Notepads.

#8.)  Pens

#9.)  Staplers

#10.)  Highlighters

Average Contents Value of A Woman’s Purse

This is a British survey, but it’s probably just as true here.  A survey by Allianz Insurance found that the average woman’s purse and its contents are worth about $720.  And one in FOUR women have lost theirs, or had it stolen.

Here’s a breakdown of what women carry in their purse:

  • The purse:  13% have a designer handbag that costs more than $160.
  • Electronics:  14% have a Kindle or iPad that they keep in their purse.  And their iPod or other music device is worth an average of $180.
  • Phone:  32% of women say their phone is worth more than $240.
  • Makeup:  The average woman carries $100 worth of makeup in their bag.
  • Cash:  Women carry an average of $40 in cash.
  • Sunglasses:  The average pair of women’s sunglasses costs $85.

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