Get On The $50,000 KMLE Payroll Payout

kmlepayroll 50000 blog Get On The $50,000 KMLE Payroll Payout

Your pay day just got supersized…  Get on the $50,000 KMLE Payroll Payout

Earn $100 an hour, up to $800 a day, and be qualified for the $50,000 Grand Prize Pay Day

Now, just for listening to KMLE Country 108 while you work, we’re paying you even more money.  
- Every Hour on the Hour from 8am until 4pm, we’ll announce the name of a Member.  If you’re not a member click here and sign up now.
- When you hear your name, call 602-260-0108 within 8 minutes and you’re on the $50,000 KMLE Payroll Payout.
- Every hour another person has the chance to get on the payroll.  If they don’t call back in time, you keep getting paid!

The ONLY way to get on the $50,000 KMLE Payroll Payout is to be a member of


One Comment

  1. david says:

    i hope you call my name..

  2. Bre says:

    When is the winner for the 50,000 going to be chosen/announced? Thanks!

    1. Jason Pawlik // Content Editor says:

      Yes! In fact we have the video here:

  3. Carol says:

    Just wondered when the payroll starts again, I have been listening this am and haven’t heard anything.

  4. Wanda Ryba says:

    When I was on the payroll I was told I would be entered into the grand prize drawing. When is that drawing going to be?

  5. jessica says:

    Thanks KMLE for putting me on the payroll Friday! Best thing thats happened to me yet! 🙂

  6. angela robb says:

    kmle Rocks!

  7. Linda Llindsey says:


  8. Linda Llindsey says:

    i’m so happy yall kept this pay roll going i just know im going to go to work for yall one day cant wait keep up the great work you guy’s

  9. Tina Blevins says:

    KMLE rocks, love it! You can pay me to listen anytime!

  10. Letisia says:

    listening to you takes me back to my childhood so fun and enjoyful. i love you guys

  11. ryan says:

    you guys are awesome

  12. suzie weyhenmeyer says:

    how do i win prizes?

  13. laura says:

    I would to hear more about this giveaway

  14. Verena Caudle says:

    Thank you Klme Country, the the meany years of enjoyment. I would love to win this money i could really use it.

  15. JAMAAL says:

    keep up the good work and thanks for being the air..

  16. Bethany Ford says:

    Please, please, please pick me!!!! I’m from MO, but I Love listening to you guys online.

  17. Fred T. Carty says:

    Just to say you have a great show.

  18. tiffany harris says:

    ty kmle for giving me a chance to win!!! $50,0000

  19. tiffany harris says:

    please you guys pick me i am a memeber of kmle
    i need the money really bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. tiffany harris says:

      any help you can give me cause i have a hurt wrist and i am out of work ty guys i love kmle alot

  20. alvina lucio says:

    the children at our school Love Tim & Willy! they dance to the music and take their naps listening to you everyday 🙂

  21. tabatha says:

    Pick me please!! I listen all the time and could extremely use the extra cash! LOVE KMLE <3!!!

  22. Rich says:

    You guys ROCK!!

  23. Amy says:

    How do I know if I have been signed up for the Payroll? I didn’t see a conformation notice. Hope I did it right. 🙂 Love KMLE

  24. Breanna says:

    How are you awarding the $50,000? are you calling someones name and they have to call in to get it, or are you just picking a name and giving it to that person?

    Thanks for giving me something great to listen to all day! I ❤ your "I bet we can write a song about that" songs.

    1. Hi Breanna! Every winner is entered into a drawing – the winner of that drawing will get a chance at the big money! Good Luck and thanks for listening!

      1. Rocky says:

        Do you have a date for the drawing yet?

      2. Breanna says:

        But does the winner of the drawing get called on the radio at 8am and have 8 minutes to call in to win the $50,000, or does the winner chosen automatically get the 50K when they are chosen?

        Thanks! 🙂

  25. Lisa Walter says:

    Still waiting to hear my name. PLEEEEEEEESE

  26. Judith Bechhoefer says:

    It pays to listen ! I am so glad I heard my name. I earned 300.00 from KMLE Love you guys !

  27. Shelly says:

    Please pick me!! My husband has been laid off since the end of September…..a few hundred or so would go a long way…YOU ROCK, KMLE!!!

  28. Darcy Flavin says:

    KMLE is the WAY TO BE! I LOVE KMLE!! ❤ 🙂

  29. Michael Goodrick says:

    pick me!!

  30. Ashley Taylor says:

    Well I hear it all the time on radio about these listeners winning big money just for listening to a fabulous radio station!!! I listen to KMLE, so what the hay….. I hope I win:) Thanks

  31. Terri Sterling says:

    I listen every day at work and I never here my name. Please call my name I need the payroll!! 🙂

  32. VikkiJo says:

    I am so excited I am listening every day to hopfully have my name added on the kmle payroll.

  33. Chandra Aaron says:

    pick me!

  34. amber gable says:

    i have never won hardly anything in my life and it would be exciting to win money so that i can pay bills and put money aside for my three kids

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